Frequently Asked Questions

About SeedPeer

SeedPeer started out as a small torrent site a few years ago, our main objective was to keep the site clean, fast and reliable. After a year of solo administration we gained a few more administrators and developers.

How does this site work

Bittorrent is a very easy to use protocol, first you need to get a torrent client. Once you have the client installed it's just a matter of downloading .torrent files and opening them with the client.

Below you will find a list of terms and and explanation:

  • Tracker: A tracker is a sort of container that holds information about the actual users who are currently downloading or uploading the file. On request this information is sent to the torrent client.
  • Seeds: Seeds or a seeder is someone who has a complete copy of the file (in other words a uploader)
  • Peers: A peer someone who mainly downloads a file and uploads the parts of the file which has been completed (downloader & uploader)
  • Hash: A 40 bit string used to distinct/identify torrents/parts

How do I change the site language?

The system automatically displays the site in the language of the country that you are located in. If you want to change the language, simply click on the flag icon in the top right position of your screen and select the language you want.

Membership related

Becoming a member of SeedPeer is easy and has several benefits. As a registered member you will have the ability to post comments and torrents with your own username, bookmark torrents and many more stuff. As we continue to improve our service we will offer our registered members unique features that are not available to the regular user. Click here to Create a new account.

Bookmarks Related

Creating a bookmark is very useful, especially if you are somewhere and don't have a client or storage at your disposal. The bookmarks are only available to you, no one else can view your bookmarks so your privacy is guaranteed. Once your done it's easy to remove the created bookmark (one click).

"My Torrents" related

When you are logged in and upload a torrent, the file can be publicly viewed by all users on your personal profile page. In the near future members should be able to manage their torrents.

I have been banned

People get banned for all kinds of reasons the most common reasons are listed below:

  • Uploading fake or passworded files
  • Using the comments section to post spam
  • Using the comments section to insult others

If you have been banned and if you believe that a mistake has been made feel free to use the contact form. Make sure to fill out the form as complete as possible.

Firefox Plugin

By installing the firefox plugin you can search through SeedPeer directly without visiting the site first.

About uploading torrents

Uploading torrents subjected to a few basic rules:

  • Uploading Fakes/Passworded/Spam related torrents is not allowed and will result in a instant ban.
  • Uploading torrents with the purpose of tracking ip's is not allowed and is in direct violation of our terms of service
  • Entering the quality of the torrent behind the filename is highly recommended

Uploading torrents while logged in will create an entry in your profile page (which is cached for 5 minutes).

About advertising on SeedPeer

We are not actively looking for advertisers, however if you have a proposition we can't refuse then feel free to use thecontact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Verified Torrents

Verified torrents are the real deal, don't doubt them just download. Make sure to view the internal files if you do have doubts (which is stupid because it's verified).

Terms of service

By using (viewing, browsing, uploading, searching, commenting etc...) SeedPeer ( you agree to our terms of service (from now on to be called TOS). You are obligated to use this site the way it's creators intended. It is not allowed to cause distress to our servers and site in any form. Acts of aggression against the creators of this site and it's team/members/visitors/property is strictly forbidden and conviction will be pursuit by our legal representatives in case of caused damage.

Requests regarding copyrights should always be directed to us and us alone. You can only contact us legally justifiable by using our contact form. Any damage to our site will result in a lawsuit. You should always give us at least 48-72 hours to remove files from our database before taking any further steps. If you do not follow these steps then we are entitled to ignore your requests and you have no right to complain about it.

Uploading misleading, disrespecting, unethical, immoral torrents/comments is not allowed. People who do not follow these rules will lose their right to remain anonymous, your ip address etc.. could be shared with other webmasters to prevent wrong behavior as we work close with other webmasters who want to keep their site clean and "crap-free".

We are entitled to deny you access to this site at any time without having to justify our actions. Basic rules is that if you are banned, you must have done something, if this is not the case then you have the right to send us an email.


None of the files you see on this site are hosted by SeedPeer, we are merely a search engine just like Google. We do not track hashes or distribute swarm data. If you have a problem with a file, as it may be offensive or violates copyrights then read the section below with care.

Copyright & Removal requests

If you are, or your company is, the copyright holder of the content in question and you wish to have it removed, feel free to use our contact form. Make sure to include the following data or your request will be ignored:

  • Complete name(s) of the content in question
  • Post a link to the details page (not the download link or a link to the search results)
  • Your company name
  • Personal info
  • Phone number

Removal requests are usually handled within 48-72 hours, make sure to give us enough time and information to find and remove the infringing content.